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Podcast For the Recently Released is a weekly podcast covering everything from slasher films to weekly nerd news. Anything but ordinary this Podcast digs into the origin and current state of your favorite creatures, crimes & characters.

Consider this a podcast of all trades.


The faces that match the voices

Meet your hosts, with the most! A couple of geeks who met in 2012 and became all romantical and shit in 2017.


Lua Stardust

is an internationally published alternative model and cosplayer.

Born and raised on all things horror and nerdy (thanks Mom!) Lua quickly fell in love with so many different subjects that helped form her career today. Her favorite genres revolve around supernatural, true-crime and just plain ‘weird’. Which is where the spooky part of podcast is dedicated to. When Lua isn’t attending conventions across the globe she can be found curled up on her couch with their two pups watching Foresenic Files on repeat!

See more at luastardust.com

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Joe matisa

tattoo artist & owner of Kiss of Ink Tattoo, Moon River Tattoo and Ink Junction in New Jersey.

At a young age Joe immediately dove head first in the world of comics. So much so that in his adulthood he even created a secret lair in his home (Bruce Wayne style) dedicated entirely to a cosplay / crafting space. But it doesn’t stop there! Joe is a huge fan of B-Horror, Pokemon, video games and hip hop music.

When Joe isn’t tattooing and attending conventions he can be found working on his music found under his alias “Bazooka Joe”


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